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Effects from GTA 5

GTA 5 effect mod for Mobile This modification replaces the standard effects of shooting, fire, smoke, blood. Changed sights, some icons. Also now radar and map icons in the style of GTA 5.

The choice of weapons, mini-map and thin, as in GTA 5

26 December 2018 GTA SA (iOS, Android)
GTA V Hud And Weapon Wheel Mod for SA Mobile This mod will turn the standard interface into the same as in GTA 5! It will change the minimap and the stripes under it, and you will also have a weapon selection wheel with the same icons as in GTA ...

Graphics in the style of GTA 5 V1.4

GTA V Style Timecyc V1.4 for Android This modification improves the graphics in GTA San Andreas Android And makes it in the style of GTA 5. What's in the archive? - New Timecyc; - New Colorcycle. Password from the archi...

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