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Improved timecyc.dat

Changes: - darker shadows - The nights are darker - understated the brightness of pedestrians at some time of the day (were too bright) Installation inside the archive.

SA PC GRAPHIC to MOBILE SA - PC graphics for mobile CA

PC SA GRAPHIC to MOBILE SA.Cred: Marcel Whyler, GTA SA CLASSICThe mod makes the graphics in the mobile version of GTA SA closer to the PC version of the game.The mod contains:• New timecyc.dat• New colorcycle.dat• Fix "soapy" skins of characters• New...

Nice graphics (Timecyc)

Hello! I present to you a new graphics for GTA SA. It’s hard for me to come up with a specific name. Its advantages: - Goes to the sump - You can set yourself the minimum settings and it will still be beautiful. Required ...

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