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Chinatown Wars in Actual 3D

4 January 2018 GTA Chinatown Wars
Now with the help of these preservations (states), you can see Liberty City from a different angle in GTA CTW, as in the games GTA - 3 / VC / SA / LCS / VCS / 4 / EFLC / 5.

Emulator GTA Chinatown Wars PC (Auto install)

28 March 2016 GTA Chinatown Wars
For those who dreamed of playing in GTA Chinatowm Wars on PC Here it is. + Auto installation; + Graphics, roughly, like the PSP; + We can customize your management; + Opportunity persists; + Etc.


27 October 2009 GTA Chinatown Wars
Excellent paper model of Infernus from GTA Chinatown Wars. Download, print and glue together!

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