Clear HD v2.0 - ReShade Master Effect

22 April 2015 GTA 5
Clear HD v1.0 - ReShade Master Effect Features: - Detailed image of the game world; - Fog removed; - Adjusted contrast. Changes: The color spectrum spectrum has become ultra-realistic, anti-aliasing is improved.

Transport from "Robberies" in single mode v2.0

2 May 2015 GTA 5
Mod adds to the single game all the transport from the "Robbery" add-on, which only spawned in GTA Online. Changes in 2.0: - Added more types of cars for spawn - now drive some vehicles around certain areas on the map (see photo card) - Slig...

Satellite map HD v2.0

9 June 2015 GTA 5
The second version of my "satellite" card for GTA 5. Changes / enhancements: -The oval cropping of the map is eliminated. -Textures are replaced by a little more crisp. -The value of the maximum increase is slightly increased.

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