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HD Low End 3.1 for GTA 5
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File size: 9.82 Mb
File replaces: visualsettings.dat
File uploaded by: An7on
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Downloads: 276
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The author promises us not to find a better configuration file for weak computers, while having a good picture.

It was tested on intel hd 4400 at 1280x800, with textures at maximum with FXAA enabled, the quality of reflection is high, shadows are on, anisotropic filtering is 8x. The result is 35fps

Archive contains:
-Settings (depending on your configurations).
- (extraLow)
- (high)
- (Low)
- intelhd4000 (standard)

Version: 3.0 "great update"

- Now puddles are added.
-Added Sweetfx setting (see video) - which does not reduce FPS in the game.
- Fixed a transport problem (some people complained about spawning cars right in front of them and at high speed).
-Added version with a clear day.

HD Low End 3.1 for GTA 5
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guys the original site is url thank you all for downloading :)
Ссылка на сторонний ресурс. Выдано предупреждение.

Сообщение отредактировал Sand_Man 14.05.2015 в 07:23:59

Warning issued? This is my mid and youse are using it without my permission, I gave the link to the original site I uploaded it to before it was stolen by this site. I was being nice. Now please remove this mod immediately.
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comment written on, 13 May 2015, 20:59
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блин что такое из за FX вылетает с жалобой на D3D11.DLL

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"Огромную" разницу увидел. +сую
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