Trailer GTA 5 for PC, Xbox One and PS4 (HD, 1080p)

10 June 2014 GTA 5
GTA 5 for PC , Xbox One and PS4 will be significantly refined in a graphic and technical terms. Players are waiting for improved detail, increased range of drawing, clearer textures, more saturated traffic and, of course, support for higher resolu...

Avatar GTA 5 (part 3) [Avatars GTA 5 (part 3)]

4 October 2013 GTA 5
As some already know, all of my previous collections of avatars I did Clean from nefig do . And this one is no exception. In the archive Exactly 100 avatars (33 with Trevor, 20 with Franklin, 26 with Michael + 9 female ( New) And 12 with the...

Trailer GTA 5 (Russian subtitles)

2 November 2011 GTA 5
As expected, the action will again unfold in the sunny and criminal Los Santos (Los Angeles). In the very first trailer, the main character talks about why he decided to move to this city. UPD: For those who do not understand En...

Official trailer GTA 5 (Russian subtitles)

29 August 2013 GTA 5
Standard advertising trailer GTA 5 for the fast release of the game on the consoles. Official Trailer GTA 5 (Russian subtitles) Screenshots from the trailer The trailer sounds music: M83 - Midn...

Niko for GTA 5

22 February 2014 GTA 5
Nico Bellic for GTA 5 [Xbox 360] - now you have the opportunity to play for Nico in single-player mode GTA V, taking him from gloomy Liberty City to sunny Los Santos! Replaces Michael; Only for XBOX 360. Video

GTA 5 First Person Mod [Xbox 360]

2 March 2014 GTA 5
First Person Mod for GTA 5 [Xbox 360] is a familiar mod for any part of Grand Theft Auto. Adds a first-person view while driving any vehicle. Video:

Trailer GTA 5 for PS4 number 2 (HD, 1080p)

12 September 2014 GTA 5
New trailer for the improved version GTA 5 , Which is called A Picket Fence and a Dog Named Skip. This is an original video, without Russian subtitles, but in the best quality. The trailer is based on the version for the PlayStation 4. In it, playe...

Comparison of GTA 5 for PS3 and PS4 (1080p)

5 November 2014 GTA 5
GTA 5 for PC , Xbox One and PlayStation 4 takes maximum advantage of the power of these platforms. The game not only appeared A new kind of first-person , But also there were grandiose changes in the graphical plan: the developers included s...

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That's because they came up with, uprooting television programs from gta v, heh, interesting laughing
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Ну раз так,то не от Gta 5,а
из Gta 5
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