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Better vehicles sounds 1.4

12 February 2016 GTA 5
Mod replaces standard, not quite suitable for some cars, sounds more plausible or suitable for them. Changes in version 1.4: - The sounds of the machines are reproduced, which are depicted on screenshots. Features: Added sounds to some mach...

FPS Booster 1.3.1 (Raises FPS on weak PCs)

29 April 2018 GTA 5
The new version of the program FPS Booster 1.3.1 for GTA 5, which is designed to raise the FPS. Mod improved performance by 10 FPS (from 8-11FPS to 15-24FPS). Checked in: Nvidia Geforce 8600GT / W 512MB Vram 3GB ram AMD Athlon (tm) 7550 Du...

Salon Benny in a single game / Benny's Motorworks SP 1.5.2

29 October 2015 GTA 5
Thanks to this modification you can enjoy the upgrade of Lowriders not only in GTA Online, but also in single-user mode. Changes in v.1.3.0 / 1.3.1: - The way of entrance and exit from the garage is changed. Edit BennysMotorworks.xml to retur...

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