Liberty revind

17 October 2018 GTA 5
It was a scorching trick to make it. In the downloaded file, you will find the link for the modification. For the manual setup, follow the instructions in the .txt included within the archive Take theirs out of the box! Take-Two Interac...

Map of Liberty City [WIP | V] Liberty City III

12 June 2015 GTA 5
Installation1 - Download Five-M (http://fivem.net)2 - Put 'lc3' folder in "usermaps" on root of Five-M(if it dosn't exist, create it)3 - Before you "log-in" in Five-M, press the right key of 'L' on your keyboard, then put in console 'Invoke-LevelLoad...

Trailer GTA 5 (Russian subtitles)

2 November 2011 GTA 5
As expected, the action will again unfold in the sunny and criminal Los Santos (Los Angeles). In the very first trailer, the main character talks about why he decided to move to this city. UPD: For those who do not understand En...

[!] GTA 5 instructions for vehicles installation  [!]GTA 5 instructions for installing mods.

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