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The famous Slow-mo, or the simple slowing down of time, is now in GTA 4. Maud is very helpful in steer, leaving police officers by car, as if in NFS Most Wanted.
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Execution mod v2.1

30 December 2013 GTA 4
Description: Do you remember the mission where you had to kill Vlad? Now, now you can kill any kind of pedal. The victim will panic and scream. It looks very beautiful! Management: Point your sight at any passerby, and press "X" to punish h...

Moskvich-2141 STR (v2.1)

5 February 2012 GTA 4
Quality model AZLK 2141 in light tuning (v2.1) 1.Tonirovka glasses and taillights; 2. CXR-3 18 'discs with Toyo-Potenza-R1 tires 235/45 R18; 3. Brake ventilated discs Lucas with Brembo calipers; 4.Displays the instrument panel; 5.Easy tyun...

GTA 4 Snow Mod v2.0

7 November 2010 GTA 4
The list of changes v2.0: 1. cars leave dynamic tracks (cars make dynamic snow tracks, what makes it way more realistic) 2. there are no leaves on the trees (no leaves anymore on the trees) 3. realistic snowfall (real snowfall) 4. Removed the...

Real Shops Mod v1.1

11 January 2012 GTA 4
Changes in 1.1V: Added textures: -Real Chinatown shop -Hindindass -Red phoenix gift shop -pharmacy -Hon man chinese herb -Jezelry shop -video game shop -ADs- Baidu shop (original) New objects: -Real Harlem shop -Apollo theater -GameSt...

ICEnhancer 1.2 fixed ENB Settings

19 January 2012 GTA 4
This is a fixed setting for ENB Settings, version of iCEnhancer 1.2. In this setting, improved lighting, even more bluish highlights, a realistic reflection of the car! See the screen and swing. Have a good game!

Mod trailer v1.1

28 May 2012 GTA 4
Mod allowing to cling trailers to trucks In the archive there is like the script itself, allowing you to attach / disconnect the trailer, and the models of the tractor and trailer. Changes in version 1.1: - Added the ability to attach up to 6...

X GXT Editor v2.1

27 April 2011 GTA 4
The editor of resource files GTA 4 and San Andreas, those that contain texts, names and messages of the game.

GTA IV Vehicle Mod Installer 1.2

11 September 2011 GTA 4
About the program: GTA IV Vehicle Mod Installer is an application that will allow you to simply And quickly replace the original GTA IV vehicles and episodes (TLAD, TBoGT) with the created vehicle models for this game. Changes in version v1.2 -...

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