HD GTA 3 Pack

3 December 2010 GTA 4
HD cars from our favorite gta 3: Hermes, Kuruma, Mafia Sentinel, Stallion, Cheetah. All cars are of good quality.


17 December 2012 GTA 4
Mod, which transfers the game GTA 3, to the engine GTA 4 !!! Watching the video! P.S. I add, because on Libertycity.ru there is (like) this fashion !!!

Statue of Claude Speed

6 January 2011 GTA 4
The statue of Claude Speed ​​is a monument in honor of the main character of GTA 3, Claude Speed. On the pedestal is written RIP, probably, the author literally took the words of Rockstar that since the moment of GTA 4 all the old heroes of the game ...

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