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ICEnhancer 3.0

25 July 2014 GTA 4
Finally came the long-awaited ICEnhancer 3.0 Enb is on versions, and EFLC The archive includes: -VEGETATION TEXTURES -ROAD TEXTURES By DKT70 -EXTRA TEXTURES Video:

Patch (EN)

21 March 2009 GTA 4
Patch for the English version of GTA 4 fixes many different problems, including problems with graphics, multiplayer and control system. In addition, the performance of the game is increased. Full changelog: GRAPHICS: Interior Lights f...

Icenhancer 2.0

27 August 2013 GTA 4
ICEnhancer 2.0 is a well-known graphical modification that improves the graphics of the game hundreds of times. Now graphics are much better, owners of powerful PCs are recommended, Anyone who wants to see the best graphics in GTA 4 is ...

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