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ENB Dark-Master V2.0

8 October 2012 GTA 4
This ENB is for those who like dark nights and deep, rich colors. Features: -Realistic trees -Changed the texture of the stars - the texture of the light from the headlights and lanterns on the posts is changed -the new cloud settings and mu...

GTA 4 Snow Mod v2.0

7 November 2010 GTA 4
The list of changes v2.0: 1. cars leave dynamic tracks (cars make dynamic snow tracks, what makes it way more realistic) 2. there are no leaves on the trees (no leaves anymore on the trees) 3. realistic snowfall (real snowfall) 4. Removed the...

Range Rover Sport HSE v2.0

17 April 2011 GTA 4
Range Rover Sport HSE - Full-size 5-seater luxury SUV for GTA IV. Model from Test Drive Unlimited 2 . Fixed in v2.0: • New Handling; • The rear window is broken correctly; • The fog lights and size are now lit; • Now there is a ...

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