Ganja PhoneCell Theme v2  
Ganja PhoneCell Theme v2 for GTA 4
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Category: Files for GTA 4
Section: SkinsCellphones
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File uploaded by: Badman
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Phone for true lovers of ganja.

Installation instructions:

1 - Use Spark 0.5.4
2 - Open Folder C: ProgramFiles RockstarGames GTAIV PC Data Cdimages scripttxds.img
3 - Replace phone3d_hq_private10.wtd and Save achieve
4 - Done!
Ganja PhoneCell Theme v2 for GTA 4
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ENB Dark-Master V2.0

8 October 2012 GTA 4
This ENB is for those who like dark nights and deep, rich colors. Features: -Realistic trees -Changed the texture of the stars - the texture of the light from the headlights and lanterns on the posts is changed -the new cloud settings and mu...

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Tommy Vercetti v2.0 for GTA IV and TBoGT. In "Tommy Vercetti v2.0" it is changed: TBoGT- Fixed the main errors of the animation of the hands. GTA 4- Fixed the basic mistakes of the face animation, replaced almost all th...

New SPXENB V2 (Based From L3EVO 2012)

6 July 2012 GTA 4
Spxenb v2 What's New? New colors of the sunrise More stars Fix Pedestrian reflections in rainy weather Fix Lost Textures Installation: files from the folder spxenb v2 (quality Folder) throw in the folder with the game, in the archive there a...


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CryENB V2: List of changes: -More performance -Best lighting - Clouds are better - The sky is better -Reduced sunrises and suns - Improved contrast -It is better rain -General colors are improved -It is better rain -Improved motion blu...

ZModeler2 v2.2.1

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New version of ZModeler2 v2.2.1 with GTA IV: WFT filter, which allows you to open and edit any model from GTA 4. ZModeler is the easiest and most convenient tool for creating new machines for the game.

Big car damage v2

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The second version of the mod, which several times increases the possible damage to vehicles.

GTA TBOGT main theme

4 August 2010 GTA 4
The main theme of GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony.

GTA 4 Snow Mod v2.0

7 November 2010 GTA 4
The list of changes v2.0: 1. cars leave dynamic tracks (cars make dynamic snow tracks, what makes it way more realistic) 2. there are no leaves on the trees (no leaves anymore on the trees) 3. realistic snowfall (real snowfall) 4. Removed the...

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