Sniper Bullet Time 2.0

17 December 2012 GTA 4
Sniper Bullet Time-Advanced mode of shooting in sniper mode. There is a camera on the pool, there is a bullet-time, there is a "Kill cam" mode, when the show comes from a close angle, as the bullet hits the target. Plus new sounds. Management: S...

Bullet Time Mod

7 October 2010 GTA 4
Mod, adding to the game the function of slowing down time in dangerous situations is useful, is turned on by pressing the "T" key Installation: copy the file Billet.TimED.asi (the best option) or Bullet Time Toggle.asi. To the root directory with th...

Real Traffic Spawn 1.02

19 January 2011 GTA 4
Real Traffic Spawn - Now you do not take away several identical cars in one place, and during a trip to Liberty City, you will be surrounded by any cars from the fleet of GTA 4. Features of the mod: - Taxi and police in traffic travel in t...

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