Winter textures for GTA IV Criminal Russia 1.4.1 (pre ALPHA)

8 February 2014 GTA 4
Winter textures for GTA IV Criminal Russia 1.4.1 This is the first and can even say a crude version of my additions, because the textures were difficult to come up with and it was difficult to find them at all. The author of the most "Crimin...

First Patch for GTA IV: San Andreas (first patch)

22 August 2011 GTA 4
The first official patch for the global modification of GTA IV was released: San Andreas, which fixes the following errors: Fixed: IVSA script (redial key changed from F8 to F7 to fix problems, BMX spawn delay for TBOGT added); Fixed: VDS20 error ...


27 October 2013 GTA 4
This mod is intended for those who have GTA IV lag even at the lowest settings of the game. 1) Mod does not replace any internal files of the game. 2) Mod is based on hidden command files (Comandline.txt, visualxIV.ini) 3) Mod is easy ...

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