Stark Tower-Iron Man IV [Beta]

21 November 2013 GTA 4
Tower of the Stark Tower - Iron Man IV This mod replaces the GTA IV building GetALife Building at the headquarters of the Avengers - Skyscraper Stark Tower. Notes: - To get to the roof of the tower, you need a helicopter or a Tony Stark costu...

Iron Man IV - Custom Flying Animations

24 June 2013 GTA 4
-This mod replaces the Iron Man IV fashion animation, making it smoother, and more like real, watch the video.

Iron Man IV v2.0

28 October 2013 GTA 4
There was a new update for the fashion Irion Man IV, now the version of the mod is 2.0. Now, past the very fashion, there is also the Stark Tower. Let's get down to the description Menu options: -Insert - Show the menu. -Up / Down - S...

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