T.I. The King

2 February 2012 GTA 4
T.I. For GTA IV (only GTA IV, EFLC is not supported). Installation: Replace the files in playerped.rpf, to the same ones from the archive using Open IV, or Spak IV. In addition to the T.I. model, the archive has a pack of clothes for it, a boot ...

Rico Rodriguez (Just Cause 2)

24 September 2012 GTA 4
Rico Rodriguez (Just Cause 2) - "tsareushnik" and the protagonist of the game, to the brim filled with chases, shootings, jumps and other action. Features of the model: replaces Nico.


22 July 2014 GTA 4
Perfect ENB to replace the standard graphics in the game! Features: -SSAO; -Skylightning; -Adaptation; -Timecyc; -HQ DOF; -Lens Flare; -Motion Blur; -Display; - The cloud; -Light from cars; -City lighting; -Sun; -Sharpeni...

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