Smoke Mod. Version 1.0

11 July 2014 GTA 4
Let's smoke? Press J to get a cigarette. Press J again to tighten it. L- that would take a cigarette in the teeth K- put out You can move while smoking. If you press J many times, the result is that the cigarette is "over" and automatically t...

AIGE-ENB Graphic Mod 1.0

16 February 2013 GTA 4
The first version of ENB from AIGE. ENB works only on patch and In ENB it is used: Smoothing SMAA -Slighting SSAO -New beautiful weather effects -Quality reflections -Shadow shadows It was tested on the laptop: CPU...

Pack to install mods (GTA IV -, EFLC

22 June 2013 GTA 4
A package for installing script modifications in GTA 4. Very useful for beginners !!! Installation is automatic! The kit includes: 1. NET Script Hook v1.7.1.4 BETA Author - Hazard 2. ASI Loader v1.0.2.0b Author - Alexander 3. Simple Native Train...

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