Toyota Mark II Tourer V

23 July 2012 GTA 4
This model is the fruit of a long-term work on assembling it from various 3D models provided. She suffered a long-term treatment from the PC20, a lot had to be adjusted, remodeled, modeled, but the result was worth it: today it is the best model in t...

GTA V Chase Music

11 December 2013 GTA 4
GTA V Chase Music - now that the police are looking for you (or chasing you), there is an alarming music from GTA 5. In total there are three variants of compositions.

Buzzard V Style

27 January 2014 GTA 4
Another great mod from the famous modeller JulioNib !!! This mod adds Buzzard helicopter from GTA V! Features: 1) The ability to shoot both from rockets, and from machine guns. 2) Switching: rockets, machine guns like in GTA V 3) Camera from ...

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