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Category: Files for GTA 3
Section: ModsNew textures
Author*: Greecko, SilentP...
E-mail / website: Unknown
File size: 28.67 Mb
File replaces: loadsc1.txd, loadsc10.txd, ...
File uploaded by: Akila_Khan
Upload date:
Downloads: 794
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This mod adds a boot system, cut from the PC version.
If you played the PS2 version, you probably saw how spectacularly beautiful screens change each other during boot-up. In the PC version, this chip was cut out because of the high download speed, but there were people who decided to restore it.

This version differs from the version for Vice City in that screens were not taken from the official site of Rockstar, but were created manually to achieve the best quality result and preserve the original style.

The author of the script is SilentPL.
The author of screens - I, that is Greecko, I mean Akila_Khan
The author of the original artworks is Rockstar North.

As a bonus, I put a few interesting artifacts, which are almost impossible to find on the net in good quality.

P.S. The only drawback of the mod is that the screens are changing each other too quickly. However, even so it looks spectacular, and on less powerful computers, where the download takes longer - even more so.
GTA 3 HD Loadscreens for GTA 3GTA 3 HD Loadscreens for GTA 3 - screenshot #2GTA 3 HD Loadscreens for GTA 3 - screenshot #3GTA 3 HD Loadscreens for GTA 3 - screenshot #4
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New generic for GTA 3

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Modification slightly improves the texture of GTA 3 by replacing old textures, in generic.txd with new, better ones. Texture size from 256 * 256 to 1024 * 1024.

New roads for GTA 3

27 June 2013 GTA 3
New roads for GTA 3 to replace the old one. All textures are taken from GTA 4 and converted to GTA 3. In the archive there is a modified generic.txd.

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