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SilentPatchIII 1.1 build 2 + DDraw build 3

23 May 2015 GTA 3
GTA III is a great game, but it has some glitches that make it less enjoyable to play. People often point to the missing headlamp crowns, but the game also has a shameful glitch with "purple nines". This small plugin fixes both of these problems a...

Claude GTA 2 v.1.0.

12 November 2013 GTA 3
This is the Claude skin from GTA 2 for GTA 3. Changed the standard T-shirt at the crochet for a T-shirt from GTA 2. Changed pants at the clod. Looks cool.

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Nights (BETA 1)

21 July 2014 GTA 3
Have you ever dreamed of how would it feel to play a game that mixes both racing and openworld freedom genres?Liberty City Nights is the definite answer to that dream..4 Years of working, testing, releasing of beta versions; and finally, we have a to...

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