Snakefun's Skin Pack I

17 May 2012 GTA 3
Description: A set of 10 super quality skins! Sin can not be downloaded.

Evil City Mod-Pack

27 June 2012 GTA 3
Evil City - modification for GTA 3 Type "mod-pack" (a set of specially selected mods), replacing most of the standard vehicles with new ones and adding a few more innovations. The fleet contains more than twenty new cars, including For...

GTA3 HD Vehicles Tri-Pack III

17 February 2012 GTA 3
All GTA3 transport was redesigned in high resolution and with perfect detail. Added four cars from Vice City. Plus to everything: Police Car - Beta Version HD wheels HD weapons HD icons HD radar HD fonts HD particle system New handling.cfg N...

PS2 Sentinel

6 October 2013 GTA 3
Hello everybody! You've probably noticed that in GTA III Sentinel is knocked out of the general flow, because it does not have the body texture. But on the PS2 version, it's normal. On Playground.ru I found the Sentinel with PS2. In addition to the b...

Tank T-80

19 June 2013 GTA 3
This file replaces the old square tank with a beautiful, Russian T-80. Quality of model: average. Quality of textures: average. A bit of history: the decision to create a gas turbine tank was adopted by the Central Committee of the CPSU and...

New Texture for Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club (For competition)

28 June 2013 GTA 3
------------Attention!!! For the contest !!! ------------ Mod replaces the old textures in the Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club with new, better ones. Replaced the texture of the floor, walls, upholstered furniture and so on. You probably already thou...

Renegade Weapon Pack

19 July 2013 GTA 3
A quality pack of weapons for GTA III. Where is the weapon converted from: Detonator - battlefield 2 Flamethrower - Commando Funebrero Sniper m-24 - Endorphin, SixShooter, Candied_Clown, Twinkie Masta, Ghost Ops (Strykerwolf), Miesteron, Edisl...

San Andreas Weapon Pack v1.0

28 December 2011 GTA 3
This modification replaces the standard weapon, the weapon from the game GTA San Andreas.

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