NoCD for GTA 3 v1.1 for Russifiers from "Beech" and "1C"

3 July 2012 GTA 3
NoCD for GTA 3 v1.1 for crackers from "Beech" and "1C". In contrast to other cracks, with this text in the game is displayed normally, rather than crooked. Yes, and the crack itself is good, I with him the whole game 100% passed and did not notice an...

Gta3.exe v1.1

10 August 2012 GTA 3
Many could not play GTA 3 on the network. Because it showed a bug, you need type v1.1. Log in to gta3.exe v1.1. With this gta3.exe you can play GTA 3 on the network. It helped me personally. I'm sorry Normal screen did not find.

Skin Changer v1.1

28 December 2011 GTA 3
This version supports versions of the game 1.0 And 1.1 (For more details, see the Supported versions.txt file). Management [ Previous = skin ] Next = skin O Standard = skin P Show stream number = skin.

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