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High Quality Splash Screens

6 August 2013 GTA 3
HQ screens that appear during the loading of locations. Installation: 1. Download the archive; 2. Unpack it; 3. Files SPLASH1.txd, SPLASH2.txd and SPLASH3.txd should be moved with a repla...

High Quality / HD GTAIII Echo

4 January 2013 GTA 3
The new machine is Echo. It is its modification is Taxi and Police (And not Premier, as many thought). The model is of great quality and looks great in a pack from OnePiece. Instructions for installation in the archive. Have a good game!

IV Hud

5 January 2012 GTA 3
This mod makes the GTA III interface more similar to the GTA IV interface. Installation: Copy the models and cleo folders to the root directory of the game. Mod requires an installed cleo library. By default, the script uses standard...

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