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GTA3: Kostygov Edition FULL.

6 June 2018 GTA 3
GTA3: Kostygov Edition Is a modification that improves the graphics of the game, replacing the old textures with better ones. Authors : Till Lindermann ..., OnePiece, DimZet13, Hellen, Albert_Bryxanov, DMITRY_R / List of chang...


7 July 2013 GTA 3
• Reflections have become more realistic: Reduced intensity of reflections; In reflection, it will be exactly what is in the frame; Improved quality of reflections --------- Reduced Bloom. Now not so cartoon: B...

NextGen Cars Pack FULL

23 May 2018 GTA 3
It's me again and my friend Till Lindermann ... And we present to you the mod full replacement cars in GTA 3 for cars from GTA IV and GTA V. The package includes 65 vehicles. 4 of them are bonus ones and added to additional ID's. Features ...

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