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Zonetext 1.3

1 January 2013 GTA 3
This script adds two useful things to the game. Now near the radar the name of the district in which you are located will be displayed. Secondly, the name of the machine in which you are located will be written. P.S. There is one negative...

Shoreside Bridge v 1.3

24 January 2013 GTA 3
New bridge for GTA3. Previously, to cross the river dividing both parts of the Shoreside Vale, one had to make a long detour through either the only large bridge, or the Cochrane dam, or the Porter tunnel. Now you can quickly get from Frances Airport...

Manhunt 2 Kuruma

22 August 2015 GTA 3
I recently became interested in playing Manhunt, and I started looking for all sorts of GTA mods based on the files of this game. I came across a topic in the English-speaking GTA forum where one of the users converted Kuruma from Second Manhunt to G...

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