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GTA III: Ultimate Realistic Anim Mod

17 January 2020 GTA 3
Features: -New way to walk jogging and running very similar to Grand Theft Auto IV -New way to stand, either with the bat or with the rocket launcher -The ability to shoot while moving, thanks to ThirteenAG for giving me the idea -New way to ...

Ukrainian radio stations

19 February 2016 GTA 3
Ukrainian radio stations for GTA 3. Replaced all the stations of the game. Soon I will make a replacement for the following parts of the game (Vice City, San Andreas, 4). The only problem is that when you change the name of the station through the GX...

GTA Advance PC Port

24 May 2018 GTA 3
BETA I Release of GTA Advance PC Port by XR Grand Theft Auto Advance is a PC remake of original GTA Advance (2004, GameboyAdvance). Its a sequel to LCS, while being a prequel to GTAIII. Its taking place in the year 2000, only 2 years...

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