The player compared the cities in RDR2 with their real prototypes

30 March 2024
Диана Голенко

A Reddit user with the nickname TbrooCars shared a selection of real city prototypes in Red Dead Redemption 2. It turned out really recognizable.

So, Valentine is very similar to old photos of the town of Cheyenne, Saint-Denis is almost indistinguishable from New Orleans, and Blackwater copies the city of the same name from Missouri.

However, some players noted that Blackwater is more similar to the city of Houston.

“I've always taken Blackwater to be a mash up of various Texas Gulf Coast cities like Houston,” Deinococcaceae.

“I live in Texas and theres a plethora of small rural towns look just like Blackwater,” MrWestway1877.

Earlier, another RDR2 fan posted on Reddit a photo of the buildings in New Orleans that inspired the designers of Saint Denis.

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