An RDR2 fan finds himself in the real Saint Denis, but this is New Orleans

20 March 2024
Диана Голенко

One of the fans of Red Dead Redemption 2 shared very atmospheric photos, more like screenshots of Saint Denis. It turned out that the pictures were taken in New Orleans.

A user under the nickname Super_D_89 published a selection of photos on Reddit.

“Today I was teleported to Saint Denis. Can you guess where I ended up?” the player wrote.

After some discussion, commentators guessed that the pictures were taken in New Orleans. Many admired how accurately Saint-Denis copied the city's historical buildings.

The author of the post also asked to compare real prototypes with buildings from the game. Some users were able to “recognize” them as the hotel from which Dutch’s gang escaped, a house with an exhibition of Charles Chanté, and a saloon.

"I hope you said a nice, manly 'Hey Mister' to everyone you saw to restore your honor," one commenter joked.

Earlier, developers from Rockstar released an update for RDR2 that fixed some bugs in the game.

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