A school teacher teaches Red Dead Redemption

16 March 2024
Диана Голенко

A teacher at one of the American schools began teaching the subject “Video Games as Literature.” He chose RDR and RDR2 as an example.

The teacher shared this on Reddit. A year ago, he polled students what they would like to study, and the majority chose the Red Dead Redemption series. After a while, the teacher won a grant to purchase consoles and created booklets for analyzing gameplay and characters.

“Students track their underlying moral choices and overall playstyle as they progress, and then answer questions as they progress,” he said.

Reddit users supported the teacher's initiative and suggested that he expand the program. For example, explain identifying tropes to students using the example of the colors of Arthur Morgan and Micah Bell's hats.

Let us remind you that earlier the voice actors of Arthur Morgan and John Marston gave a lecture to university students, talking about the history of the Wild West.

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