In Red Dead Online, a new event with rewards for missions within the Blood Money will take place

5 March 2024

Today (March 5th) in Red Dead Online, a new in-game event will begin, which will last until April 1st. As usual, gamers can expect in-game rewards (for providing services to Angelo Bronte and Guido Martelli), discounts, and bonuses.

Event features:

  • Double payouts and experience for participating in missions (crimes and opportunities) within Blood Money;
  • Double payouts and experience for participating in selected series;
  • Increased experience for the persistent posse;
  • The blue Morales Vest for completing any opportunity within Blood Money;
  • Two potent miracle tonics and 50 high-velocity rounds for completing any crime within Blood Money;
  • The green Prieto Poncho for participating in a selected series as part of a persistent posse;
  • The brown Carbow Double Bandolier for winning a match in the selected series;
  • Weekly rewards (20 poisoned throwing knives, green Carver Pants trousers, a Civil War-era treasure map, and a beige alligator hat) for players who complete contracts within Blood Money;
  • A free outfit inspired by the community, created by Gamingflixx;
  • Discounts on shirts, ponchos, caps, skirts, the Mauser pistol, and emotes.

Selected series calendar:

  • From March 5th to 11th — Hardcore Team Shootout series;
  • From March 12th to 18th — Hardcore series in Saint Denis;
  • From March 19th to 25th — Hardcore Public Enemy series;
  • From March 26th to April 1st — Hardcore Pro series.

As a reminder, Rockstar Games previously announced the story update The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid for GTA Online.

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