In Red Dead Online, an event with rewards and challenges for naturalists is starting

9 January 2024

Today (January 9th) in Red Dead Online, a new in-game event is set to start, which will last until February 5th. During the event, various rewards and challenges will be available for naturalists.

Event features:

  • Hill Haven treasure map for selling one animal sample;
  • Black-silver and black tailcoats for selling five samples;
  • 5 pheromones of legendary animals for completing a round of Wildlife Photography;
  • 40% discount on an item for the role of a novice or promising naturalist for completing an animal observation mission;
  • Triple payouts for selling fish to the butcher;
  • Double money, experience, and gold for selected series;
  • Double money and experience for the "Killing Wild Animals" challenge;
  • Double money and experience for participating in the Free Mode event Fishing Challenge;
  • Double money and experience for selling animal samples;
  • Double money and experience for participating in the Free Mode event "Wildlife Photography";
  • January 9–15: "Contrast" series;
  • January 16–22: "Hardcore Takeover" series;
  • January 30 – February 5: Tumbleweed series;
  • Free honor reset, weight gain tonic, and weight loss tonic;
  • Free outfit inspired by the community, created by jermainejey;
  • Discounts on naturalist outfits, lures, fishing rod, bow, and arrows.

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