Modder restores cut phrases and dialogues in Red Dead Redemption 2

22 November 2023

As it's known, not all the planned content made it into Red Dead Redemption 2. In particular, some dialogues were cut from the game's release version, but a modder with the nickname Milferino has restored them in his new modification.

«Restores unused voice lines, combat taunts, and vocalizations that were cut from the final game», — the description says.

Here is a list of situations where the mod restores dialogues:

  • Shopping in stores;
  • When the character gets angry while in cover;
  • If you win a fight;
  • When shouting at an invisible enemy;
  • When the character is in a shootout;
  • If the character is nearly killed;
  • In fights with lawmen/pedestrians;
  • During robberies with allies.

The modification can be downloaded here. Unlike previous similar works, Milferino's project restores more cut phrases.

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