A new event dedicated to Thanksgiving starts in Red Dead Online

7 November 2023

Today (November 7th) a new in-game event dedicated to Thanksgiving is supposed to kick off in Red Dead Online. It will last until December 4th.

Mission series:

  • Bow and Arrow (November 7–13);
  • Hardcore Shootout Series (November 14–20);
  • Blackwater Series (November 21–27);
  • Hardcore Public Enemy (November 28 – December 4).

During the event, gamers will receive an increased amount of money and experience points for traders, as well as discounts on goods and various rewards.

Additionally, players will have access to a community outfit:

  • Kennedy Hat;
  • Dress Tie;
  • Iniesta Shirtwaist (Female) or Corrales Shirt (Male);
  • Tailored Suit Vest (Female) or Double Breasted Lapelled Vest (Male);
  • Bison Duster Coat;
  • Studded Pants;
  • Worn Roper Boots;
  • Helsby Gloves.

The official announcement of the event should take place in the near future.

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