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Red Dead Redemption 2 Runs Well on Steam Deck and Aya Neo 2

30 January 2023

Youtuber PC-Gaming.it showcased how RDR 2 runs on Steam Deck and Aya Neo 2 handhelds. Both devices run Red Dead Redemption 2 with no problems.

RDR 2 runs at 45 FPS at 720p resolution, while Steam Deck has a frame rate of 40 FPS. However, an average difference of 5 FPS is noticeable at 1080p resolution as well.

Aya Neo 2 has more powerful hardware, but it's also a more expensive handheld. Its price ranges from $900 to $1,000. You can buy a Steam Deck for between $400 and $500. There are not many gamers ready to overpay for a couple of extra frames per second.

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