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Scarface, CJ and Link from The Legend of Zelda — Best Red Dead Online cosplays of the Week

8 August 2022

We continue our good tradition and present you the best cosplays of the week. Today we have characters from movies, TV shows and video games.

Link, The Legend of Zelda

Author: HeySoloSoyYo


Author: dandy_ol_boy

CJ, GTA San Andreas

Author: HeySoloSoyYo

Jim Hopper from Stranger Things

Author: TwinkieSnake

Geralt of Rivia

Author: HeySoloSoyYo


Author: TwinkieSnake

Harry Potter and Hermoine

Author: Dutch_Mencintai

Vito Corleone, The Godfather

Author: HeySoloSoyYo

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