Red Dead Online fans campaign for new content

10 January 2022

Red Dead Online players are demanding the attention from Rockstar Games. Fans ask for more content for their beloved game. The thing is that the studio is working hard for GTA Online updates and doesn't release much for RDO. Most of the players think the game still has a lot of potential. The campaign is trending with #SaveRedDeadOnline hashtag.

Most of the fans want to see robberies and new story missions. There are always a demand for Mexico and Guarma locations, some purchasable properties. Of course the game need some cleaning from cheaters.

The campaign is pretty big. Currently there are more than 20 thousands of tweets with the tag. It also got support from other players that thinks Rockstar Games attention shifted a lot to GTA Online and decision making from the studio with problematic remasters is questionable.

Rockstar Games didn't provide any comments on the campaign.

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