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TOP 15 mods for Red Dead Redemption 2: new missions, bank robberies and expansion of game mechanics

15 December 2022

Red Dead Redemption 2 can be called one of the most ambitious projects in the gaming industry. Players still find Easter eggs and gameplay trivia, and are also surprised at the depth of the study of game mechanics. Modmakers are not far behind — they polish an already perfectly working game, adding new mechanics and elements that enhance immersion or improve the gameplay. In this compilation we have collected the most interesting mods for RDR 2.

Graphical fixes 1.3

The mod contains many minor fixes to the graphical part of the game. It fixes visual bugs, adjusts smoothing, shadows, adjusts the rendering speed and finalizes dozens of other settings with one goal — to improve the graphics in the game.

In-game Web search

Not all systems respond sufficiently to the folding of games. Sometimes this leads to projects’ hanging and crashing. For RDR 2 players who have encountered this, a special mod was created.

With the help of In-game web search, you will be able to access the Internet and look for hints and hunting locations without shutting down the game. The start page is the DuckDuckGo search engine. Instructions for working with the mod can be found on its page.

Playing the piano

The modification adds another Wild West symbol — the opportunity to play the piano, which can be found in the world of RDR 2. To do this, just press one button and then the main character will sit down at the instrument and begin to play a melody. Is this Wild West? Definitely!

Playing the guitar

The author of the previous mod did not forget about another instrument — the guitar. This mod allows the player to play it while in Horseshoe Overlook camp and Shady Belle camp. Of course, it will not be possible to play a melody on horseback, but it is quite feasible to take atmospheric screenshots and enjoy the spirit of Wild West and freedom.

Open interiors of buildings

Some buildings in the game are available only during the story missions. This mod gives the player the opportunity to enter the previously unavailable buildings during the free exploration of the RDR 2..

Setting up the Wanted Level

In Red Dead Redemption 2, criminals are not welcome: the police will try to catch and imprison a scoundrel, sellers will inflate prices, and bounty hunters will seek to make money on your death.

During the game, some encounter waves of law enforcement officers who attack the player again and again. This mod can both solve this problem and aggravate it.

Depending on the player's desire, it is possible to declare a character on the eternal wanted list or disable annoying chases. In the latter case, the police will react to the outrages of the player, but will not chase him through half of the map. And, of course, in the modification, you can return everything as it was.

New Bounty Hunter Tasks

Bounty hunting is one of the ways to earn money in Red Dead Redemption 2. This mod adds four new bounty hunter assignments to the game. The place with the announcement of the bounty for the head will be marked on your map. All you have to do is take the order, find and catch the target, and then hand it over to the nearest police station.

Customization of the main character

If you don't like the canonical appearance of the main character of RDR 2, this mod is for you. It adds a menu with which you can change the character's appearance in a wide range. There are more than 40 categories to change — from ready-made costumes to the ability to select rings on the right hand.

You can save the selected costume, change the character’s model, change the hairstyle and beard — full customization the way you want.

Bank robberies

If you miss the robberies from GTA 5 — download this mod. It adds the ability to rob banks using the mechanics of one of the main missions of the game. To start the robbery, it is enough to point the revolver at the cashier. The pursuit of the criminal is included.

Now you can rob three banks: Valentine Bank, Rhodes Bank and Saint Denis Bank.

Advanced photo mode

A free camera in photo mode is what Red Dead Redemption 2 lacked. Now you can capture any corner of the game world from any angle and direction. There is no binding to the character, no restrictions, except for one thing — the power of your PC.

Realistic shootouts

Don't you think that funny jumping and looping with your hands in response to a gunshot wound is a bit of a strange reaction? The author of this mod thinks so, that's why he started improving the NPC's reactions to the damage they receive.

Now the characters stumble and fall when running with a shot leg, squirm on the ground when wounded, moan while lying in pools of blood, burn longer, die from blood loss and generally behave not like dummies, but like wounded people.

Recycling and improvement of crime and law systems

Despite the well-detailed and deeply developed world, RDR2 still suffers from the police, who appear out of nowhere and know exactly about your crimes, even if they occur in a remote canyon. This mod is trying to improve the situation.

The wild land is now completely law free — outside the settlements, in the forests and wastelands, they will not know about your outrages. The authorities will no longer hold you accountable for minor crimes.

NPCs have reduced visibility at night, reduced hearing during rain, and both hearing and visibility are significantly reduced during a sandstorm. And in general, many legalists have become more vulnerable and will not attack you one wave after another. And these are not all the changes.

Hunter's Cart

Hunting in RDR 2 is a very well-developed mechanic. The quality of the skin is affected by the place of the hit, and the caliber of the weapon, its type and many other little details. The only thing that the authors did not think through was a long hunt.

This mod adds a hunter's cart that you will find in the camp or using a placemark on the map. Now there is no need to return from hunting with only one carcass or an armful of skins — store the prey in a spacious wagon. Sitting by the campfire, you can call it to the camp, change its exterior and repair it.


In our opinion, for the complete happiness of Red Dead Redemption 2 only duels are missing. And this mod adds full-fledged mechanics with scripts, conversations, sound effects and cutscenes. You are free to challenge any NPC to a duel.

To do this, go to the character, focus on him and follow the instructions of the prompt that appears: take your place, take out your personal weapon and get ready for fight.

Calling a horse from anywhere

The world of RDR 2 is very vast, which means you can't do without a faithful horse. The problem with the original game is that it's easy to get too far away from your "transport" in pursuit of a criminal or animals. In this case, you have to go back, trying to call a steed every ten meters. The mod corrects this inconvenience — now the horse will gallop to you from anywhere.

* * *

Which of the listed modifications did you like the most? If you know about other cool mods for Red Dead Redemption 2 — tell us about them in the comments.

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