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How to delete your mod from LibertyCity

30 December 2021

Dozens of modifications are uploaded to LibertyCity file archive every day. This is a field of file archive editors. Their task is to find interesting mods and upload them

We respect copyright and do not upload modifications that are prohibited from distribution. If the copyright was violated, or the author simply does not want to see his mods on LibertyCity, we are always ready to cooperate.

Seems obvious?

Recently, we have been receiving more and more rude messages from authors. Some modders are even starting to imitate Take-Two and threat us with DMCA strikes.

Copyright in the field of modifications for GTA — is a formality, with which we are ready to agree only out of respect for the authors. Mods cannot be copyrighted as they actually infringe Take-Two's copyright. We treat respectfully those authors who respect us, and we try to respond to requests as quickly as possible.

The request for removal of modifications from LibertyCity can take up to 48 hours.

My mods were uploaded by LibertyCity editors

We are interested in sharing the mods on LibertyCity uploaded by the authors themselves. If you find your modification on the site, you may reupload it on your own behalf. In this case we will remove the mod from our editor, and your file will be included in the LibertyCity archive as soon as possible.

This is the most optimal way. Active authors are transferred to the group of modmakers, which frees them from moderation and opens up a number of additional opportunities. You can also apply for a grant for your modification.

If that doesn't suit you either, and you strongly object to seeing your work on LibertyCity, contact the editor who uploaded your mod. In the appeal, be sure to include links to the modifications that you want to remove, and the reason why you want to do it. Without this info, we could miss your request.

Please be polite as possible, without threats and insults. After all, we are interested in helping you. Administration may ask you to confirm the rights to modification by any method available to you if it doubts that it is communicating with the author.

I've uploaded a mod myself, and now I want to remove it

This could also happen. To remove your own uploaded mod, contact the silentchan, the editor of the file archive. Please follow the same guidelines as described above.

If you still have questions, ask them in the comments.

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