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How to become a Modmaker at LibertyCity – hints for mod authors

16 November 2021

On a daily basis we get one and the same question: how to get a modmaker status at LibertyCity? Quite actual since there isn’t any instruction on getting that privilege and the addfile-page gives just a list of modmakers’ opportunities.

There are 30 persons among the modmakers at the moment. More and more people desire for being reassigned to this group, so we have to decline plenty of requests. Yet there is no need to despair if your request has been declined. In this article we’ll give you a few hints, which would undoubtedly be useful for becoming a modmaker later.

Keep posting your projects on the site on a regular basis

Seems to be quite a trivial advice. Anyway lots of users ask for a modmaker status when having no mods published on the site. The “Modmaker” group is built for the comfort of the users, who publish their mod-projects on the site on a regular basis. When converting a user into a modmaker we kill two birds with one stone: an author doesn’t have to wait for his or her mods checking and relieve our moderators to check the other users’ files quicker.

Of course, there are some exclusions. If you create really large global modifications and obviously have no opportunity of posting your projects regularly, we will pay attention for the factors described below.

Either way it’s important for us to make sure that you’re a conscientious author and you do not wish to use the lack of moderation for personal gain (for example, to upload stealers to the site). Yes, there are quite many people who desire to cash in on our users. Some of them act in secret; some of them straightly offer a bribe for putting a stealer into an archive. Both would be disillusioned, and every file of our archive is safe for downloading.

Be active

We value active users, who leave their feedback to mods and comment news. Do that and frequently share your mods through our site and very soon it will be us, who will offer you a reassignment to the “Modmaker” group.

Join the LibertyCity Authors League

One more way of getting closer to the reassignment is entering the LibertyCity Authors League (Лига авторов LibertyCity). That's our Discord-server, where players and authors can contact each other. Right after joining the server it’s necessary to verify your identity: leave the link to your LibertyCity profile in #profile-link. In a short while you’ll receive a message on the site, that you need to reply.

If you’re verified, the other server users will be more friendly with you, and also you’ll get access to all the first level areas.
In case you published at least one mod for the last 30 days, you may ask any other modmaker to give the “Author” status to you. That would provide your access to all the second level areas and get you closer to the modmaker status on the site.
In the Authors League you will not go unnoticed. Talk to other users, help authors, tell about your releases – and before long we’ll offer you to become a modmaker.

Any questions left? Ask them in the comments!

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