GTA Vice City Was Launched on an Old Router - Video

4 March 2024

The iconic DOOM isn't the only game being launched on devices not meant for gaming. Researchers Manawyrm and Toble Miner have reported that they managed to play GTA Vice City on a TP-LINK router.

A special router model TL-WDR4900 v1 was used for the launch. Unlike other models, it is equipped with a processor based on the PowerPC architecture by NXP. Additionally, the craftsmen connected a Mini PCI-e board and an external AMD Radeon HD 7470 graphics card. They also had to install the Debian operating system on Linux and old drivers.

The game did not launch immediately. Enthusiasts used the reVC project (a reverse-engineered version of GTA Vice City), but the appearance of NPCs immediately led to graphic artifacts. The problem was solved by using the reVC port for the Wii U console and updating the 3D graphics library. Below you can see how the iconic game works.

The installation story is described in detail here. Earlier, fans showcased gameplay of the GTA Vice City remake on the GTA 4 engine.

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