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New big patch for GTA: The Trilogy released

1 March 2022

Rockstar Games released Patch 1.04 for GTA: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition. This is the first patch of 2022. The last update for the collection was released in last November. The fixes have affected overall performance, major issues, model bugs, and more.

Players are noticing an increase in FPS, but new problems have also arisen. For example, GTA San Andreas draw distance has been significantly reduced.

Major fixes:

  • Improved game performance across all platforms and graphic modes;
  • Stability improvements;
  • fixed several issues when attempting to retry a mission from the last checkpoint;
  • Fixed a number of collision issues;
  • Fixed a number of texture art and signage issues;
  • In GTA 3 it is now possible to run by holding the sprint button instead of pressing it several times;
  • Disabled fake interiors of stores that cannot be entered;
  • Claude can show the middle finger to honking drivers;
  • Claude can turn his head back to follow the camera;
  • Claude will not fall into the water from the driver's seat if he stops near the water;
  • in GTA Vice City improved textures and interiors of hotels and buildings;
  • In GTA Vice City, a bug due to which traffic lights did not work has been fixed;
  • cars now have rear lights on and interact with the environment;
  • High Fade hairstyle has been fixed in GTA San Andreas;
  • Fixed a bug due to which two-wheeled vehicles became invisible after performing a rear wheel maneuver in first-person mode;
  • fixed interface for 4K monitors.
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