A massive mod for GTA San Andreas will be released featuring a Miami map, storyline, new cars, and other features

12 March 2024

A cool mod called Miami Connection is being developed for GTA San Andreas, which represents a separate universe with its own brands of cars, food, and clothing.

The map, based on Miami, is comparable in size to the entire state of San Andreas.

Here are the regions available:

  • Miami Beach;
  • Downtown;
  • Midtown;
  • Sunny Isles;
  • Bal Harbour;
  • North Bay Village;
  • Miami Shores;
  • Fisher Island;
  • OverTown;
  • Little Havana;
  • Little Haiti;
  • Coconut Grove;
  • Key Biscayne.

The mod has been in development for three years and is now in the final stage. The map is already complete, but there are still minor refinements and details left.

The modification also features a story campaign consisting of twenty missions, which include fully voiced cutscenes (using mocap animations).

The main character is an Italian-American gangster, Lance Worell. According to the story, he and his mentor Dave Donnelly arrive at a drug deal that ultimately goes wrong, after which the heroes need to recover the lost money and punish the culprits.

«‎The path goes through various criminal elements of Miami and even corrupt officials who know a little about how to find the culprits of the deal gone wrong», — says the description.

Other mod features:

  • 60 additional (non-story) filler missions. Some of them will still have to be completed to progress through the story;
  • Role-playing mini-missions, including working as a police officer (you can go from street officer to SWAT team member), buying and selling drugs (with various deal scenarios), and more;
  • Random events on the streets of Miami. For example, you can see people busy at work or witness various scenes;
  • Over 100 clothing items and more than 50 hairstyles for character customization.

The mod will be released exclusively on our website, but the exact release date has not yet been announced.

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