GTA: Stars and Stripes modification expands the GTA SA map

26 November 2022

GTA Stars and Stripes is an ambitious modification, which aims to expand GTA San Andreas' game world in order to encompass not just our beloved state, but the entire United States. The modification's current version adds Vice City, Liberty City and expands Bone County's territory.

The authors want to expand the map and retain the spirit of the series and GTA San Andreas itself.

Now devs are working on:

  • Vice City;
  • Liberty City;
  • Carser City;
  • Cottonmouth;
  • San Dario (San Diego);
  • Capital City (Washington);
  • Rose City (Portland, Oregon);
  • Rainer City (Seattle);
  • Midway Liberty (Chicago);
  • Peachtree (Atlanta);
  • Bison (Dallas, Texas);
  • Jackalope (Pheonix, Arizona);
  • Frostwater (Salt Lake City, Utah).


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