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Look at the Stars with This James Webb Telescope Sky Mod for GTA San Andreas

16 July 2022

Astronomy, anyone? The images by NASA's James Webb Telescope were one of the highlights of the past month. Somebody decided it will be an interesting twist to put areas of space that were previously inaccessible into GTA San Andreas.

Deep Space

Images from the James Webb telescope have shown the universe beyond the solar system with depth and clarity that was unattainable in the past. NASA footage contains star clusters, nebulae and galaxies.

You could say with this mod from Junior_Djjr the night sky of San Andreas bring it closer to Mass Effect.

Carina Nebula

The Carina Nebula is an astronomical object composed of dust, gas and plasma. Stars are born and formed in it. It is one of the largest and brightest nebulae in the sky.

Astronomy and science fiction fans would appreciate these mods for sure. The mods can also be used to create fan missions dedicated to space and the paranormal.

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