Total Converison Mod Miami Connection to Release Exclusively on LibertyCity

27 May 2022

The Miami Connection mod for GTA San Andreas, which is being developed by the BSA Prod will be exclusively released on LibertyCity.net. It was originally called Miami Vibe, but after Take-Two's copyright strikes, it was renamed.

Miami Connection features:

  • better map detail;
  • interiors in all buildings;
  • windows with reflections;
  • Miami map, not Vice City;
  • all assets of cars, pedestrians, weapons are created exclusively for the release;
  • The plot in the mod is completed with voiceover, will get some changes in a final version;
  • The plot is partly based on GTA Advance.

The main protagonist of Miami Connection is Lance Warwell. He is a bank robber and during a stint in New York, his accomplice and mentor Vinnie kills the entire team and severely injures our hero, leaving him for the cops. Warwell sent serving time in prison. During the riot, he manages to escape and goes looking for Vinnie in Miami.

The release will take place exclusively on LibertyCity.net in late August — early September.

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