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GTA San Andreas will be released for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

5 October 2020

GTA San Andreas will be available on Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. It is mentioned at the game’s page on Microsoft’s official website.

GTA San Andreas will be released for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

It is unknown whether it will be a remake or the classic version of the game. However, technical advancements of the next generation Xbox consoles would allow the game visuals to be up to date with new lighting and shadows. The fact this game still has high demand 16 years after its initial release for PS2 is stunning. Truly, the game stands the test of time.

Shotgun from GTA 4 in the style of GTA 5 (Shotgun from GTA 4. GTA 5 Style)

23 May 2013 GTA San Andreas
Maud made on Contest , But I do not really expect to win (but I do not refuse it either: D). I will help to save time "respected" shkolote site that will write to me in comments like "yes you idiot for zhta 5 druban finally can not be like this p...

GTA Online Interface

16 October 2013 GTA San Andreas
Those who watched geypleyn, or played in GTA V and GTA Online, I think noticed that the interface is not much different. After installing this mod, the interface will be the same as in GTA Online. And also I will advise to download Addition from Rit...

DLC garage from GTA online absolutely new transport + pier with cutters 2.0

18 February 2015 GTA San Andreas
New version of my mod DLC for GTA San Andreas. This time the mod is more global, about everything in order: 1) In the center of Los Santos there will be a garage "likeness" GTA online 2) In this garage absolutely new transport will appear, on new...