GTA San Andreas ported to Unreal Engine 4. The result looks like a full-scale remake (video).

12 July 2020

ArcadiaSquad modding team ported the map of San Andreas to Unreal Engine 4. The development of the project took over a year, and the result is remarkable. Epic Games’ engine shows how a real remake of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas may look like.

Unfortunately, the project is not available for download. The authors announced that the map is the only asset that was ported to create machinima clips, and they are not planning to release the mod.

ORGAZMIKUS v4.5 Vip Demo - sex mod

2 December 2019 GTA San Andreas
ORGAZMIKUS v4.5 Vip Demo for GTA SA! This mod is made on the basis of the hot sex mod "Hot Coffee" Features: - great girl choice - contains 88 girls - the girls are divided into sections - fun with 3 girls at the same time - inde...

Alarme Mod v4.5

22 January 2013 GTA San Andreas
This script adds an alarm. The script was completely rewritten. The alarm responds to a touch. The car can be stolen if you leave it in a place with a large number of people. If you can not catch the car, you can pick it up at the entrance to the p...

GTA 5 Radio Wheel HUD Mod By Gon_Iss

30 January 2014 GTA San Andreas
Greetings to all! Despite the difficulties, the problems and the fact that I abandoned this mod, I did it all the same. Thanks Wmysterio For what inspired me to bring this project to mind. Mod adds the radio switching wheel as in GTA 5. ...