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GTA San Andreas PC Cheats

8 September 2015

Here we present you cheats for GTA San Andreas PC. Be careful: some of them can prevent you from achieving 100% game completion, so saving your game after you use these cheats is very bad idea. If lucky, you'll break your save and won't be able to complete the game. If not - you will become a witness of horrible bugs. Cheaters meet bugs regarding peds and even main story characters often. Thus, if you have activated some cheat, made a save, noting bugs come out one by one afterwards, the only way you have is to start the game from the ground zero, or to download a save file from our site.

GTA San Andreas PC cheats

GTA San Andreas PC cheats

Most of the GTA San Andreas PC cheats are similar to PS2 and Xbox versions of cheats. If you were searching cheats for console cheats, they are in neighbor categories.

Using cheats will assist you make some difference in boring gameplay, so if you have never considered yourself a cheater you shall try out one at least once to have quite funny gameplay experience. Remember that you have to input the cheat right while you're playing.

Armor, money, health and weapon cheats

The following group of cheats will help you to gain ready-to-use weapon sets, get unlimited ammo, replenish actor's health, turn into an amphibian after getting underwater breathe, and also to become dream rich, to forget the feel of hunger or to forget how to drown, or to turn into a real hitman.

Cheat name and description:


Weapon set № 1
Weapon set № 1

Actor will gain brass knuckles, a bat, 9mm handgun, a shotgun, micro UZI, AK-47, a country rifle, a rocket launcher, molotov cocktails and a spray can.

Weapon set № 2
Weapon set № 2

Actor will gain a knife, Desert Eagle, Sawed-Off shotgun, Tec-9, M4, sniper rifle, a flamethrower and a fire extinguisher.

Weapon set № 3
Weapon set № 3

Actor will gain a chainsaw, 9mm silenced handgun, SPAS 12 shotgun, MP5, M4, sniper rifle, heat-seeking RPG and satchel charges.

Money, health and armor
Money, health and armor cheat

After you type this cheat CJ will gain $250.000 and get his health and armor filled.

God mode
God mode

After activating the cheat the actor becomes vulnerable to bullets, fire and hits won't damage him. Though, you can die by falling, drowning or getting splat by some vehicle.

Infinite ammo
Infinite ammo cheat

After activating this cheat the actor will get unlimited ammo and also will be able to shoot without reloading his gun.


Amphybian mod
Amphybian mod

After you type this cheat CJ will turn into an amphybia, being unable to drown since he can breathe underwater.


Once you type this cheat the actor will go into bullet-time mod, also gaining unbelieveable power.

Professional hitman
Professional hitman cheat

After this cheat is activated the actor will turn into a professional hitman, having his weapon possession skills maxed out to "Killer" level. CJ will be able to shoot far and accurate.

No hunger
No Hunger cheat

After you activate this cheat CJ won't ask for food any more. Never.

Driver Drive By
Drive by

After this cheat is activated CJ will be able to accurately shoot from a vehicle.

Police, bandits and appeal cheats

This group of cheats will help you raising or lowering your wanted level, to become a perfect fugitive, to become the most respected in Grove Street Families, to turn into a playboy, to become fat, muscled or normal, to cause every bandit walk the state streets.

Cheat name and description:


No wanted cheat
No Wanted cheat

After you activate this cheat CJ's wanted level will vanish, as well as cops will stop following him.

The Most Wanted cheat
The Most Wanted

Be careful with this one. After you activate it, the whole state forces will come to hunt down CJ. Perhaps, God mode will save you...?


Activate this cheat and cops will ignore any of your actions, making you a perfect criminal.

Gang respect
Gang Respect

After this cheat is activated CJ will become widely known around the Families.

Appeal cheat

Type this cheat and Carl will become the most notorious playboy along street chicks.

Wanted level up
Wanted level up cheat

After you activate the cheat the actor will gain +2 wanted level stars. Not enough? Activate it more!

Fat cheat
Fatness cheat

If you want CJ to become chubby, type this cheat - and you will get acknowledge about a fat man's life.

Thinness cheat

This cheat is the dream of any girl! After you type it CJ will become thin. Be careful - if you won't feed the hero, he will pass out!

Muscles cheat
Muscles cheat

This cheat must be dream of any man. Activate it - and CJ will become as muscular as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Stamina cheat

After you activate this cheat CJ will run as far as he is able to.

Gangs takeover cheat

Type this cheat and state streets will be filled with gangs only.

Gangs everywhere cheat

After you type this cheat gang members will appear everywhere, even where they have never been.

Transport, tank and jetpack cheats

This is the most popular group of cheats for GTA San Andreas. After you activate them you will get a rare mean of transport like Hunter helicopter, a jetpack or even a tank. Once you activate the cheat this transport/jetpack/tank will fall right onto CJ's head.

Cheat name and description:


Spawn Hunter

After you activate this cheat, Hunter helicopter will spawn, allowing you to rule the sky without being caught by the cops!

Tanker truck
Spawn Tanker Truck

Have you ever wanted to become a trucker? Activate this cheat to get a tanker truck.

Spawn Dozer

After you type this cheat Dozer will spawn.




Spawn Jetpack

The most beloved cheat of GTA San Andreas players. This thing allows you to cross the state fast and to show them cops how good you are at shooting.




Spawn parachute

After you type this cheat Carl will gain a parachute. Make sure you reach some high spot to use it properly.

Spawn Rhino

A nice cheat that allows Carl to drive a tank. You can shoot a high caliber weaponry while driving the tank through the streets of San Andreas state, making pedestrians' life a true horror.

Spawn Rancher

Activate this cheat to get quite good jeep, Rancher, which is able to challenge cops' carts pretty well.

Spawn Caddy

Caddy is a small golf-car which is used by some rich man to drive some distance over golf fields. It is speedy but is easily breakable.

Hotring Racer
Spawn Hotring Racer

Type this cheat and a racing car will spawn in front of you. You shall do this somewhere in the highway, so you can drive at max speed.

Hotring Racer
Spawn Hotring Racer (another skin)

Didn't like previous vehicle? Try this one. There's not much difference between them.

Bloodring Banger
Spawn Bloodring Banger

After you activate this cheat fortified Bloodring Banger vehicle will spawn in front of you. It's not as fast as Hotring Racer, but its body has stiffeners, which allow it to keep working no matter where would you crash.

Spawn Stretch

Want to feel yourself a celebrity? Activate this cheat and a limo will appear next to you. Well, since you're not a celebrity yet, you will have to drive it yourself.




Spawn Romero

Feel yourself a funeral master - type this cheat and spawn this hearse.

Spawn Trashmaster

Somebody has to clean these streets of San Andreas. Try yourself as this guy who cleans the dump out every day.




Spawn Quad

Quad is the best way to cross the desert. Furthermore, it is good for passing small obstacles on your way.




Spawn Hydra

Army Hydras defend air space from those maniacs like CJ. What if this maniac gets one of those...?

Vortex Hovercraft
Spawn Vortex Hovercraft

Vortex Hovercraft is a hovercraft transport which can move on land as well as on water.

Monster Truck
Spawn Monster Truck

Activate this cheat and put your hands on a monster truck, which has giant wheels and can be used for driving right onto these small vehicles of the State.




Stunt Plane
Spawn Stunt Plane

This plane is created for aerobatics. Try doing a barrel roll or a spin while controlling it.




Transport characteristics, traffic and vehicle control cheats

These cheats will help you upgrade your vehicle by adding nitro to it or by making it invisible. Also you can play around with traffic and traffic lights, make boats or vehicles fly, force them to jump etc. Don't forget that you should avoid saving after activating these cheats - you will have to cope with the changes you've made to the save data.

Cheat name and description:


N2O cheat

Type this cheat and every vehicle will obtain nitro, and their drivers will become happy for ever.

Flight-on-Bump cheat

Activate this crazy cheat and crash into some vehicle - it will fly far-far away. Distance it will be able to fly depends on the speed of your vehicle.

Countryside vehicles
Countryside vehicles cheat

After you type this cheat every vehicle driving will turn into those you can usually meet in the countryside.


Invisible vehicles
Invisible vehicles

This funny cheat turns every vehicle invisible. Only their wheels are visible. And bikes, too.


Luxury and fast vehicles
Luxury and fast vehicles cheat

After you activate this cheat the whole state will be filled with fast, luxury cars. Take any you like and move as fast as a shark!

Aggressive drivers
Aggressive drivers cheat

After you type this cheat drivers will go mad, driving like drunk. Try and avoid being on their way!

Decreased traffic
Decreased traffic cheat

After you activate this cheat there will be way less vehicles, whilst pedestrians will disappear at all.




Blow-up vehicles
Blow-up surrounding vehicles cheat

This cheat will blow up any vehicles you can see. Be careful: If you are activating the cheat while driving a car, this car will blow up as well and CJ will die.

Professional driver
Professional driver cheat

Activate this cheat and Carl will become a Formula 1 skilled driver.

Black vehicles
Black vehicles cheat

Do you like black color? Then activate this cheat and every vehicle will become black.


Pink vehicles
Pink vehicles cheat

This cheat is for people who loves pink color. After you activate it every vehicle will become pink.

Green traffic lights
Green traffic lights cheat.

This is just another dream of a common car driver. Activate this cheat and every traffic light will be lit up with green once Carl reaches it.


Flying vehicles
Flying vehicles cheat

After you type in this cheat almost every vehicle in the state will be able to fly. GTA Vice City has similar cheat, but this one allows you to have better control over flying vehicle.


Flying boats
Flying boats

This cheat is similar to the previous one, but this one allows you to fly while driving any boat in the game instead of cars.

Tang-like vehicles
Tank-like vehicle cheat

This cheat will turn your vehicle into a tank. Activate this cheat then crash in some vehicle, and it will blow up like if you would drive on top of it with a tank.

Ideal driving
Ideal driving cheat

After you activate this cheat driving a vehicle will be way more easier. They will go steady, driving them will be easy even for a child.




Cheap vehicles
Cheap vehicles cheat

Activate this cheat and there will be only cheap vehicles on the streets - no more sportcars!




Jumpy BMX
Jumpy BMX cheat

After you type this code CJ will be able to hop while driving a BMX way higher than before.




Gameplay cheats

The next group of cheats will allow you to make your own gang, start a riot on San Andreas streets, force pedestrians to go crazy and attack CJ with dildos or firepower. Even more, this section has way more gameplay cheats. You can start a beach party, suicide, etc.

Cheat name and description:


Hire any pedestrian
Hire any pedestrian cheat (rocket launcher)

This cheat will allow you to hire any pedestrian. If he has no gun, he will get a rocket launcher.




Riot Mode
Riot Mode cheat

After you activate this cheat the world around you will turn crazy. Pedestrians will go mad, buildings will be on fire, just like if it was one of the ending missions of GTA San Andreas.

Elvis everywhere
Elvis everywhere cheat

Activate this cheat and every pedestrian will turn into Elvis. Just like in the 60s!




Mad Pedestrians
Mad Pedestrians cheat

If you are bored and you have nothing to do, you might want to activate this cheat to watch how they will go mad, fighting each others with any thing they can use.


Ninja Theme
Ninjas everywhere cheat

The state becomes occupied with peds wielding katanas. Black PCJ-600s, BF-400s and FCR-900s will fill up the streets as well as black cop cars. Also CJ will get a katana too.




Funhouse Theme
Clowns everywhere cheat.

The street will be filled up with clowns and fast-food vendors. CJ will get a clown nose and red hair. Ice Cream vehicles will be driving through the city.




The Magnet
Wh*re magnet

The states becomes filled up with loose women wielding dildos, which will follow CJ everywhere, won't hesitate joining him in his ride or defending him from haters.

CJ the most wanted
CJ the most wanted cheat

Very exciting cheat which will make CJ a most wanted - pedestrians will start hunting CJ down. This cheat can't be turned off, so don't save the game unless you want to break your save data.


Hitman Target
Hitman Target cheat

After this cheat is activated CJ will have a bounty on his head and pedestrians will do anything possible to kill a poor man.


Commit Suicide cheat

This cheat will make CJ kill himself. It is a good cheat for situations when you are stuck somewhere.


Hire any pedestrian
Hire any pedestrian cheat (9mm)

Activate this cheat and you will get an ability to hire any pedestrian. If he has no weapon, he will get a 9mm handgun.


Armed pedestrians
Armed pedestrians cheat

Another funny but dangerous cheat. It will make every pedestrian in the state possess weapons. Be careful - some of them are totally dumb, so if somehow a brawl starts, there will be a huge mess including firepower and melee. Innocent people can get hurt. You, for example.


Countryside mode
Countryside mode

After you activate this cheat there will be almost none average vehicles and pedestrians. You will be able to meet only old countryside vehicles and old countryside people.


High Jump
High Jump

This cheat is called KANGAROO not for instance. After you activate it CJ will learn to jump 10 times higher than usual. Don't forget that falling off a high distance still damages the actor.


Super hit
Super hits cheat

Type in this code to feel yourself a true superman. Come closer to any pedestrian and try hitting him. Remember that some pedestrians would like to hit you as well, and they have super hits too.


Beach Party
Beach Party cheat

Have you ever wanted to start a beach party in GTA San Andreas? There is nothing easier than that! Just activate this cheat and all pedestrians will turn into appealing beach chicks, CJ will get shorts and sandals. Even means of transport will be changed!


Weather and time affecting cheats

This is the last group of codes. It will assist you if you need to change weather conditions (if you want sun or a sand storm) or to speed up or slow down the time or even to change color of the sky, feeling yourself a true god of GTA San Andreas!

Cheat name and description:
Orange Sky Orange sky cheat Orange sky, orange sun, orange CJ! Actually this cheat will only turn the sky orange, resembling the sky featured on first GTA San Andreas screenshots. Futhermore, in-game time will be frozen at 21:00. Nothing more would change.


Morning/Evening Morning/Evening cheat A fter you activate this cheat in-game time will become 9:00 or 21:00 depending on current time of day. YSOHNUL
Gameplay speed-up Gameplay speed-up cheat Activate this cheat and you will notice the game process speeds up. Every thing in the game world will move faster. This looks quite amusingly.


Gameplay slow-mo Gameplay slow-mo cheat After you activate this cheat and you will notice the game process slow down. You will feel yourself like if you would be in "Matrix": everything will move very slow


Sunny weather Sunny weather cheat GTA San Andreas seem to have rain or a cloudy weather all the time? Then activate this cheat and the weather will become sunny, as it must be in sunny California.


Very sunny weather Very sunny weather cheat Is previous cheat not yet enough for you? Do you want to turn San Andreas state into African state? Type this cheat and the weather will become as clear and as sunny as it can be!


Cloudy weather Cloudy weather cheat Are you tired of sun? Fill the sky up with clouds! After you activate this cheat clouds will start surrounding the state. ALNSFMZO
Rainy weather Rainy weather cheat If you love rains, this cheat will suit you! If you activate it the rain will start. Though, it is barely possible the state settlers will love this weather.


Foggy weather Foggy weather cheat Type in this cheat and the whole sky will be filled with white haze. If you additionally activate night time chea, the atmosphere of the state will be creepy and would fit for recording horror films.


Stormy weather Stormy weather cheat After you activate this cheat the sky will become grim, the storm featuring lightning will start.


Sand storm Sand storm cheat Feel yourself like if you would live in Sahara desert. Activate this cheat to summon a sand storm. We suggest you visiting sandy spots for better effect.


Night Night cheat After you activate this cheat in-game time will be frozen at 00:00, and endless night will start. Situation would change if CJ dies though.


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