The best mods for GTA games in 2023 according to LibertyCity

7 January 2024

Every year, thousands of custom modifications are released for PC games. However, not every one of them deserves your attention. In this article, we have collected the highest quality and most popular mods for games in the Grand Theft Auto series for 2023.

Instructions for installing each mod can be found in the file folders.

Liberty Extended 1.0 for Grand Theft Auto 3

If you want to replay the classic GTA 3, but are confused by the outdated interface, you don't have to run the Definitive Edition. The Liberty Extended 1.0 modification adds many innovations to the game that make it closer to the more modern parts of the series. After installing this mod, GTA 3 will have GPS and the ability to zoom in on the camera on the mini-map, control will become more convenient, and NPCs will react more realistically to your actions. If desired, you can switch the camera to first-person view. You can also note the ability to easily add new transport and script support thanks to CLEO Redux. These functions are important for those who will install other mods on top.

Note that the author previously made a similar modification for GTA: Vice City.

Aiming shooting from a car for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

In the early parts of the GTA series, you could shoot from a vehicle on the left or right side of the driver. It was only allowed to fire forward on a motorcycle. This modification allows you to shoot in any direction. The animation and gunshot sounds are correct and consistent with the original game. The weapons you can choose from are a submachine gun, a revolver, and a Colt 1911.

Grand Theft Auto: Sindacco Chronicles for GTA: Liberty City Stories

A large story mod for Liberty City Stories, which invites you to take part in the war between mafia families. Its action took place in 1998, a couple of years before the events of GTA 3. You will play as Joseph Daniel O'Toole, a representative of the Sindacco family. He must infiltrate the Leone clan and try to destroy it from the inside. But do not forget that the Forelli are also not asleep and are ready to strike at the most unexpected moment.

The modification can be praised for its scale. You will find 60 story missions, dozens of additional tasks, four hours of new radio recordings and voice acting in Russian using neural networks.

For the modification to work, you will need an image of GTA: Liberty City Stories for PC. You can run it using the PPSSPP emulator.

Animations in vehicles like in GTA 4 for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

A simple but interesting mod that makes driver behavior in San Andreas more realistic. After installing it, during sharp braking, CJ will lean forward by inertia, and then his body will return to its original position.

Environmental kills v1.1 for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This modification adds the ability to kill people using environmental objects. They use garbage containers, food vending machines, and even fire hydrants that allow you to pour water down your throat until you choke. Something similar happened in the Hitman and Manhunt series. Passers-by will react differently to your actions. Some will start to run away, while others will watch what is happening with interest. And if you are spotted by a police officer, you will receive one wanted star.

Stealing a car like in GTA 4 for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

After installing this mod, CJ will break the glass with his elbow while stealing a car, like in GTA 4. This may set off an alarm. If there is a policeman nearby, you will receive one wanted star.

Starting the engine like in GTA 4 for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Another mod that makes car theft in San Andreas similar to what we saw in the fourth part. It will take CJ time to connect the right wires and start the engine.

The modification does not work during story missions.

Police Reaction to Player's weapon for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

And this modification is reminiscent of the first “Mafia”. After installing it, the police will respond to weapons in your hands. Their actions depend on what you are currently holding:

  • Melee weapons and pistols. A police officer will approach you and ask you to show your documents. If you show them, they will let you go. If not, you will receive one wanted star;
  • Heavy weapons. In this case, the cop needs to be bribed. If you refuse or do not have the required amount, the player will be given two wanted stars;
  • Various items: spray can, camera, etc. The police do not respond to them.

To avoid a check, just move away from the cop to a safe distance or change your weapon to a bouquet of flowers or an aerosol.

If the police who noticed you are in the car, then after a while you will be given a wanted star, regardless of the type of weapon in your hands. Please note that the modification does not work during missions.

Police reaction to traffic violations for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Another mod that makes you remember the original Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. It expands the powers of local police. Cops will respond to speeding, collisions with other cars and poles. For such actions you will need to pay a fine. If the player does not have enough money or tries to escape, wanted stars will appear.

Street Workout v2.1 for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The game will offer the opportunity to play sports in the fresh air. On sports grounds you can use parallel bars and a horizontal bar, and you can do push-ups from the ground anywhere. Physical exercise will burn the hero's fat and increase his muscle mass.

The modification can be installed on the computer and mobile versions of the game.

Climbmod v2.3 for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This mod expands the capabilities of parkour in San Andreas. You can grab the edges of buildings or fences, then move right or left, and also jump back. But you won’t be able to hang indefinitely — after a while, CJ will get tired and unclench his hands.

The modification works with both the mobile and PC versions of GTA: San Andreas.

Street Musiciants for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Street musicians will appear in all cities of San Andreas. They will play violin, synthesizer, saxophone and guitars. If you donate a small amount of money to them, the composition they perform will change to another.

NPCs climb over obstacles for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This mod overhauls the artificial intelligence of all enemies in the game. Thanks to him, during chases and pursuits, they will climb over various obstacles, such as fences and high parapets.

Project re:LIT — Los Santos for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

A modification that reworks the lighting system in the game. It also makes hundreds of small graphical changes. As a result, houses, roads, trees and other scenery in Los Santos look more beautiful than in the original.

Flying Oppressor MK2 for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thanks to this mod, you will be able to fly on an NRG-500 motorcycle and shoot heat missiles at enemies. We saw something similar in GTA Online. Note that the modification does not add transport, but changes it. If you wish, you can choose another motorcycle or car.

MSKL crack for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The most accurate and reliable localization for GTA: San Andreas at the moment. It eliminates errors from other localizations, including the official one from 1C, and retains wordplay and corporate slang. The appearance of subtitles can be customized to your taste.

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